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How can Smart Safety help me to communicate with the DOT inspector?
We provide full driver support over the phone until the problem is solved.
How can you prevent my violations?
Our manager gives you an alert before breaking the HOS
rules/making a violation.
How can you help me to edit logbook legally?
We can provide drivers with multiple legal methods of editing non-driving status, and recommend what HOS rules exceptions the driver can use.



per month
599.88 Per year
(49.99 per month)
For fleets
with more than
10 trucks
is one month
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Smart Safety benefits

1 st
Multiple violations
2 nd
Online trainings for drivers
3 rd
Legal ways to solve
drivers’ issues
4 th
24/7 multiple language
5 th
News about HOS rules
updates/drivers community
6 th
The effective way to
save your money